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2020 Vision

Kicking off the decade with a fresh, new feel that will set the course for Pike through the 2020's and beyond.

By: Vince Rosqueta, External Vice President

Look at this picture. Take it all in. The classic Rockhurst blue, a packed crowd, several male students cheering after a big play from the basketball team. Its a typical scene you could see at any college basketball game. What you cant see- because this is only a close up shot- are the 70 other men to the upper left- cheering, hollering, and smiling together, all jam packed in the same area of the student section as the RU basketball team hands an L to the visiting Benedictine Ravens. It was the first game played against Benedictine in over 20 years, and Rockhurst's Pike chapter packed the gym to support our mens team.

If someone were to ask me why I rushed Pike, this picture would come to mind.

Creating Content

When I was selecting my major, I marketing or film served as very close choices to my current nursing major. I know, those are two VERY different fields, but what can I say, I have a wide range of interests. When I rushed Pi Kappa Alpha the spring of my freshman year, I was able to apply my passion for video making and content creation for the service of the chapter. The chapter had been in what one could call a dry spell on social media, so I decided to step into the role of social media chairman, a chair I still hold even as I was elected External VP. Instagram and YouTube were our most popular outlets, so I concentrated on these two, as I was also a college student and time wasn't exactly of abundance. However because of this, things like our chapter website wasn't on my radar.

But after stepping into the role of EVP, I received ownership of our old website login and oh boy it needed some work. I had never seen it before because no one had ever promoted it and it honestly looked like a website from 2001. I'll spare you the trouble of having to look at it.

And so began my winter break, starting a new website from scratch. I spent countless hours at my local coffee shop grinding away at this website. I had to learn how Wix user interface works, hunt down enough content to fill up the website, and drink copious amounts of coffee to make this website possible, but I'm really happy and proud to how it turned out. I wanted to make something that I could leave behind for current and future members of Kappa Epsilon to utilize in order to make the chapter better. This website serves as a very small peek into what this chapter is all about, serving as a place for people to see all the great things we do and a tool for future Kappa Epsilon members to use to show the world what we're all about.

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