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About Kappa Epsilon 

Kappa Epsilon began with two friends in Room 130 of Corcoran Hall. In 1992, Christian Bradley and Vincent Haegebaert committed themselves to the founding of a fraternity. Soon these two grew to five, and then to 20, forming a local fraternity, Lambda Sigma Chi on Rockhurst College's campus. 

On November 18, 1992, Lambda Sigma Chi president Jarret Kolthoff wrote a letter to Pi Kappa Alpha Expansion Consultant Steve Vincent expressing their desire to be part of a national fraternity. After many discussions and hard work, Steve Vincent announced Pi Kappa Alpha's intention of colonizing at Rockhrust in the spring of 1993. After much frustration in getting recognition from the college, their perseverance prevailed, and on March 28, 1993, Rockhurst College president Thomas J. Savage put forth his signature officially recognizing the colony as a Rockhurst organization, making Kappa Epsilon the newest colony of Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Later that spring, Chapter Consultants Jeff Brown & Matt Day quickly got to work recruiting members for the new fraternity, and the first official Kappa Epsilon was held on May 1st ,1993 with its 35 members present and led by the first Kappa Epsilon President, Kai Thomas. 

Kappa Epsilon exploded onto Rockhurst's campus with immediate success. In the first year of its existence, Kappa Epsilon purchased a chapter house, won the Pi Kappa Alpha scholarship for highest chapter GPA in the nation, placing 2nd in the 1994 Greek Olympics, placing first in the number of men recruited in the fall of 1994 with 15 new members, and finally, in December of 1994, receiving Kappa Epsilon's offical charter as a chapter of the Pi Kapapa Alpha International Fraternity. 

Over the next 25 years, Kappa Epsilon would continue the legacy and successes of its founding fathers by consistently competing for and winning many awards including the scholarship cup, several Smythe awards, and constantly being one of the top fraternities at Rockhurst college. 

Today, Kappa Epsilon continues this legacy with 78 active and engaged members, with many holding key leadership positions on Rockhurst's campus. Currently, Kappa Epsilon has initiated its newest pledge class, Alpha Xi in the spring of 2020. 

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